Pets, Beasts and Exotic Animals Rescue Center


Man is said to be the steward of all creatures here on earth. He was the one to whom authority is given to rule over plants and animals. From that power man has taken the benefit of these creatures. Because of this given ability, some men abuse it and take the lives of many animals. But animals fight back and treat men their enemies due to their unfavorable condition. They are now force to do harm to men and other creatures in order for them to survive. Unfortunately, their strength and survival instinct is not enough to fight back humans because they don’t have armory to defend themselves like humans do. If people could just take care of these animals in a rightful manner, these can do more good than what they can do now. Even the beasts in the jungles can bring no harm if they have been well taken care of people. Instead, they are hunted for their skin, for their meat, for carnivals and for other businesses. Some of these poor creatures were taken out from their habitats as a product to be trade. The result of this abuse to animals is extinction of their existence.


There are animals who are lucky to have homes and adopted to be part of the family. These domesticated animals that you called pets, are being treated like your own child. You would probably say that they are grateful to the love and kindness you are showing them. It is common nowadays for people to have pets, be it a cat, dog, bird, even reptiles, insects or any exotic animals. This means that the people of this generation are becoming more conscious of the lives of these animals. But there are still many others who treat animals with cruelty because they believe that animals do not have souls, and they do not have feelings. Great thanks to the people who show concerns and offers safety to these mistreated animals.  Their advocacy has given these animals rights for their protection and to prevent abuse and cruelty to them. At least they are now protected against humans that have the power to hurt them. We are an exclusive dealer of all Petsafe Brand products feel free to visit our affiliate link for great discount deals.

Here in Animal Crackers Pet Rescue, we are giving you information about how you should handle your animals in a rightful manner. When you buy an animal or when someone has given you a pet to be in your care, you therefore agree that you will become its rightful owner. You accepted this responsibility and so you must act responsibly and be their guardians. You have to give an extra time to take care of these animals. You have to feed them, take care of their health, provide them shelter for their protection, give them a bat,  pat them and rub them every now and then and teach them also discipline. All these things you do to them will reflect on the behavior of your animals. In return, they will give back the love you have given them. Animals like dogs and cats have their way of protecting their masters. You will never know what they can do to you in case you will need them. They are not just your friend, but they can be your hero also.


We also developed this site so we can exchange views on how we should handle our animals. What kind of pet do we have? How do we treat them? What do we do in case they got sick? What is their proper food and nutrition? What to do and who will you contact in case you saw any abused animals and so on. We also have created groups for each type of animals you own so you can share common things about certain animal. You can also find in this site a lot of reading materials and other media such as photos, videos and sound files that you can download so you can study further about your animal’s behavior better. We also have shared links to other animal site to get more information.

If you have found animals that are not allowed to be pets, we can assist you to surrender it to any government organization that handles animals especially those that are considered to be extinct. Let us support these organizations to keep these extinct animals return to their habitat. Mostly, animals from the wild will not survive in our homes because they cannot adapt to our condition, which is far from their natural habitat. It’s hard to mimic what our mother nature can provide them. You can also report to us any incident of abuse and smuggling of exotic animals. Let us protect these animals and report this people to the authority so we can stop them from harming these animals and also prevent their extinction process. Removing them from their habitat will only disrupt the check and balance of our nature.